Inner Circle


Inner Circle


IVI Inner Circle Evaluation Testers (IVI-ICE-T)

We trust members within The Inner Circle with things that have not yet seen the light of day; unicorn blood, liberal-tear gun lubricant, and pre-release IVI products.

The rules are simple, but break them, and we’ll remove you from; The Inner Circle, early product releases, test programs, and our Christmas card list.

BEFORE you sign up, please read the below rules. By signing up you acknowledge that you understand and will abide by the below rules.


IVI-ICE-T Rules:

  • You are expected to provide honest feedbackwhile we enjoy flattery, for this task we prefer honesty, as it will provide a much better product for all.
  • Be timely with your feedbackwe are working as quickly as possible to get our products to market, but we can only be successful if we urgently move forward as one team. We will send you feedback request emails, please aim to have these completed within 5 days.
  • Do not share photos, videos, reviews, or specific comments about accessories in public forumsEvaluation parts are often not yet finalized and usually not representative of the final functionality or quality of the finished article. Also sharing our intellectual property before it is ready for public release may undermine our efforts by providing our competitors with information that may damage our company or undermine our efforts.
  • All supplied samples remain the property of Iron Viper Industries and must be returned upon requestWe may ask for samples back after you have tested them to assess wear and durability in real world conditions.
  • As a tester, installation and use of supplied accessories is at your own risk — Like any test pilot there are inherent dangers in trying something new. We will do our utmost best to provide high quality test samples, and we won't ask you to do anything we won’t be doing ourselves, but if you chose to be a tester it is of your own free will.
  • Be sensible with your testsWhile it may be fun to test the melting point of 7075 T6 Aluminum alloy (we’ve checked, it’s between 890 and 1175 °F ), is this a real-world scenario and does it provide us with valuable test data? If in doubt, ask: what would a viper do?
  • Stay safeAlways follow the safe firearms handling rules:
  1. Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction
  2. Always treat a firearm as though it is loaded and will fire
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you a ready to fire
  4. Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it
  5. Always keep your firearm unloaded until it is ready for use
  6. Always wear adequate ear and eye protection
  7. Don’t rely on your firearm’s safety

That's it. Simple, right? If at any time you have any questions, just email us: info@iv-industries.com


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Please note: While we would like to engage all Inner Circle members as testers, IVI can only produce a limited number of pre-production samples each time. We will strive to engage with a mixed selection of members each time we test a new product. Thanks for your understanding.