There's a military truism that goes along the lines of 'Plans never survive longer than first contact' — when starting a business this also rings true.

Nathan Curtis launched Iron Viper back in early 2013, with the intent of reviving some of the classic M16 rifle interface designs that were present on earlier versions of the platform, and making some matching accessories. This began with the MKI Forward assist and MKI Viper Switch, both which increased surface area and provided a better user interface.

I came across some of Iron Viper's accessories soon after their launch and liked the philosophy behind Nathan’s approach. Coming from a design background, I felt Nathan could do much more in the industrial design, human interface, and engineering realm, so we discussed several approaches and Nathan liked what I had to offer. In mid-2013 we formed a partnership to release a MKII series based on a refined design philosophy, with all of the additional thinking captured and designed into these new products right from the start.

As an evolution of the brand, we also chose to rename the company Iron Viper Industries — as the name better reflected our focused thinking and our intended future product road map.

That was well over a year ago now, and the plans have changed many times, but we’re ready to launch the MKII Series. We hope you’ll appreciate IVI’s approach and what we bring to the game and, based on your responses, we might even change our plans and roadmap, but that's par for the course, right?


We know its early days, but if you have any questions or products you'd like to request, head over to the Special Projects page and make a suggestion.

  2013  — MKI Viper Switch

2013 — MKI Viper Switch

  2015  — Redesigned MKII Viper Switch with new 55º / 90º center barrel and captured detent springs

2015 — Redesigned MKII Viper Switch with new 55º / 90º center barrel and captured detent springs